Solutions Announcement: Workplace Cloud updates help business adjust to the new normal

New updates from Xerox Workplace Cloud have extended touchless MFD control for workers returning to the office, and also improved remote worker security and control.

The latest versions of the Xerox Workplace Mobile App give office workers additional touchless MFD control, while the Workplace Cloud delivers improved security for remote workers and greater control for IT administrators.

New App features reduce physical contact with the MFD user panel

Workers with the Xerox Workplace App (free on Google Play and Apple App Storecould already use their smartphones to print and scan documents on local network MFDs, and now they can copy documents too, using the app as an MFD remote control.

When coupled with the latest version of Xerox Workplace Cloud they can also manage secure print release via the App, avoiding the need to use the shared MFD control screen.   This enhanced App functionality means that, in office-based environments, MFD operation can now be completely touchless, controlled entirely via personal devices.

Enhanced management via the Cloud

Not only can system administrators monitor, track and control offsite device activity via the Xerox Workplace Cloud, they can now also pre-set home-based driver settings remotely.   In addition, a new double encryption protocol (both the print data and the cloud connections are encrypted) delivers greater security – allowing users to handle business-critical data across home and office.

Your organisation can move to more robust systems and work practices that:

  • track company data printed in a home office network
  • prevent data printed at unauthorised printers and locations
  • set up secure print between office and home
  • create and optimise Drivers (clients) remotely
  • safeguard employees in the office by reducing shared contact

Both innovations provide pragmatic solutions to current workplace challenges, and create more confidence for homeworkers and staff paying heed to the call to return to the office or places of work.

This 8 minute video demonstrates these features in greater detail:

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