B2 take on the Cherish Dozen

B2 was put to the challenge to circumnavigate the beautiful Anglesey Coastal Path on Friday 1st November to raise money for Cherish Wrecsam. As B2’s chosen charity of the year, Cherish Wrecsam are a parent support group linked to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. B2 have focused on raising as much money as possible for the charity because of some of their employees’ personal experiences.

The team was split into groups to each navigate one of the 12 sections of the 140-mile-long path.

They were also challenged to take some specific photos along the way including the start point, a point of interest in the middle, the end of their journey, a forced perception photograph and a unique challenge to complete. It was a very wet and windy day, but the team kept in good spirits and even enjoyed a pit stop or two at some of the pubs along the way.  Take a look at the following interviews from each team to find out more.

Donations can still be made here, anything will be greatly appreciated.

Team 1: Adam Hardaker – 15.1 miles in 4 hrs 36 mins 

Challenge – Photograph on a bridge

Best moment – Getting a donation from a farmer I met along the route

Worst moment – Getting my feet wet

Funniest moment – A cow chasing me 

Team 2: Louise O’Brian & her friend Samantha – 15 miles in 8 hours

Challenge – To recreate an iconic scene or photograph using our surroundings and team members. We went for a scene from Ghost and a scene from The Sound Of Music

Best moment – The whole walk and knowing I could do it with a great partner

Worst moment – The last 2 miles seemed to never end

Funniest moment – My partner Sam getting stuck in mounds of cow muck.

Team 3: Glyn Williams, his wife Pearl & her sister Sandra – 8.8 miles in 5 hours

Challenge – Forced perception photo and landmark photos

Best moment – When we saw dolphins off the coast and when the sun came out briefly and created a rainbow.

Worst moment – Several moments of unsteadiness on very wet, muddy & slippery surfaces.

Funniest moment – Eating a sandwich in what I perceived to be a sheltered spot from the rain that turned out to be more of a wind tunnel!

Team 4: Mark Sweeney – 12 miles in 6 hours 20 mins

Challenge – To get a photo in a boat

Best moment – Finding the Pilot Boat Inn…. Ticked off my challenge of getting in a ‘boat’, got out of the horrific weather and grabbed a quick Guinness!

Worst moment – Finding out the tide had come in and my path was submerged a couple of feet underwater. There was no other way around either!

Funniest moment – Scaling some rocks and clinging onto trees trying to avoid falling into the submerged pathway from above.

Team 5: Bethan Williams & her friend Andy – 7 miles in just over 2 hours

Challenge – We were supposed to build a sandcastle, but the weather didn’t permit it, so we built it with rocks instead

Best moment – Once the rain had calmed the views were stunning…. But getting to the end and having a well-deserved pint was up there.

Worst moment – Being soaked through and covered in mud & also being desperate for the loo to only realise once we got to the public toilets they were locked

Funniest moment – The many Mr Bean moments where I nearly face planted the mud, I don’t know how I stayed on 2 feet the whole day 

 Team 6: Peter Ryan & wife Emma – 14.1 miles

Challenge – To take a picture of start point, point of interest in the middle and end point, along with a forced perception photograph

Best moment – A beer at the end in a pub in Beaumaris

Worst moment – Sideways rain, and falling over in the mud

Funniest moment – (although wasn’t funny at the time) – Getting lost and having to run away from a field full of cows & bulls

Team 7: Nick Hopkins & his girlfriend Zoe – 10.7 miles in just over 4 hours

Challenge – A photo with Nelson      

Best moment – A pint of Guinness in Menai Bridge

Worst moment – Stepping into a puddle and sinking about a foot deep into it

Funniest moment- Running around Menai Bridge trying to find a cashpoint before dark for the bus back!

Team 8 (part 1): Joanne Talbot & Kate Rixham – 4 miles in about 3 hours

Challenge – Hug a Tree

Best moment – Spending the day together (besties)

Worst moment –The weather

Funniest moment – The whole day, laughed from start to finish 😊

Team 8 (part 2): Liam Simpson, Georgia and his dog Cooper – 5 miles in 2.5 hours

Challenge – Picture up a Tree

Best moment – Crossing the stepping stone river

Worst moment – Waiting 30 minutes for the tide

Funniest moment – When Cooper misjudged the stepping stone and fell in the river

Team 9: Ian Challinor & Heather Johnson – 15 miles in 6 hours 22 mins

Challenge – Photograph with a castle

Best moment – Experiencing Llanddwyn island and discovering the hidden story behind it. One of the most photographed places in Wales and we can see why.

Worst moment – Crossing the Cob into Maelltraeth, a raised section of path fully exposed to the estuary with side wind and rain for about a solid 20 minutes without even a tree for shelter.

Funniest moment – 6:30 am dodging frogs in the sand dunes trying not to step on them with only torches lighting the way.

Team 10: Neil Roberts & Mark Blythe – 7.5 miles in 4.5 hours

Challenge – Aberfraw to Rhosneigr

Best moment – The splendid views

Worst moment – Walking through thick mud

Funniest moment – Again, walking through thick mud and trying not to fall over!

Team 11: Charles Cook

Length – The route says 16.2 miles but google said I did 17.4? yay? And I had to skip around a pond or two… and some other bits…

Time taken – I honestly don’t remember but I ended at 4:30 at the bay as a lifeboat crew scrambled.

Challenge – Something that didn’t belong, I found a tree on the beach in the sea on its lonesome in a sand dune with nothing around it.

Best moment – Getting in the car, taking off my wet boots and hammering the AC on max to dry my feet – and the view from one of the hills and 4-mile bridge.

Worst moment – In the cow field with one path of mud and another path of mud, rain and did I mention the mud?

Funniest moment – Walking though the field with a horse following me and not able to run. I’m not sure if it was just after attention or didn’t like me, or the turn to my path to find it under water.

Team 12: Stuart Butler & Chris Baines – 14.1 miles in 6 hours 45 mins

Challenge – We were challenged to get a picture of a seal – we found them but unfortunately, they were too far out in the sea to get pictures!

Best moment – Getting to the end

Worst moment – The sideways rain and gale force winds

Funniest moment – When we were approaching south stack EE sent Stuart a message saying welcome to Ireland!