Based in Chester, BAI Claims Services Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of claims management services to the construction sector. This includes the ‘run-off market’ which is policy provision that ensures liability coverage for  claims made against companies that have been acquired, merged or have ceased operations.

BAI were already a long-standing client of  B2 for copiers, printers and other technology, so were confident that B2 could assist them with a new, challenging situation.

Our client's issue

BAI had been experiencing numerous challenges with their existing IT infrastructure. The Citrix environment could be slow at times and the email application frequently failed – both affecting vital services to the business. These issues obviously had a significant and detrimental impact. Not only this, but BAI found their existing IT service provider to be slow to respond to urgent action points and the relationship became affected.

In comparison, their experience of B2 service has been a revelation!

“I literally cannot fault B2 for their attitude to customer service. I have to say, we had lost some confidence from previous experiences but B2 were very thorough and happy to answer our queries at any time, even face to face when we needed the technicalities explaining in basic terms! From the call handlers to the account management team, we were extremely happy every step of the way.”

Our solution

It was apparent that a new infrastructure was definitely required. B2 identified that the introduction of a Dell VRTX tower system using VMware essentials would enable the hardware resilience which would improve recovery time and reduce any data loss in the event of failure.

Secondly, the issues experienced with the unreliable email system was rectified by implementing Microsoft Office365 to provide resilient, secure access to emails on any device from any external or internal location.

Local onsite resources have been introduced and optimisation of the server hardware has now increased both application speeds and login times.

The introduction of a full proactive support service by B2’s IT team will ensure that the server and network systems will be monitored continuously for both health and stability issues.
Backup services by Azure have been installed on the onsite servers, together with a continuous replication to Azure standby servers too.


“We are already reaping the rewards of zero downtime and the whole business is functioning much more efficiently. We look forward to continuing to work with B2 and envisage regular catch ups in the future so that we benefit from further advancements in technology and to build on an already productive relationship,” concluded Angela.