Many businesses grow organically over many years. As time passes and the organisation prospers, some processes become outdated and inefficient. This was the case at Hollingsworth Bros.  Brothers Paul and Shaun have been hugely successful over the last 25 years, so much so, that they hadn’t had time to review key processes and living by the mantra as many businesses do that, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Our client's issue

Paul was enthusiastic as he described B2 as experts in construction company processes; “The B2 team quickly established that Hollingsworth were spending a huge amount of money on people who were carrying out repetitive, mundane tasks. If these people could released to be more innovative they would, in turn, make Hollingsworth more competitive and more profitable. And staff would be happier too.

“We were manually keying in our data threefold. Once into a Cost Value Reconciliation report (CVR file), once into Sage and then again into an Excel spreadsheet to assist with our VAT accounting.  Now we scan the invoices and all the rest happens like magic.”

“By implementing a document management solution we have nearly automated our complete finance process.”

Our solution

Leon Darbey, a solutions analyst at B2 explains, “Initially, we set up and installed a new IT infrastructure including a new Dell PowerEdge server before migrating all the legacy data over to the new server. We installed and configured Square9 SmartSearch on a virtualised server  and then rolled out the client side installation of the software onto five PC’s whilst configuring the workflows to automate the client’s existing manual processes.”


Paul continues, “Work isn’t a place anymore. Now we can authorise an invoice anywhere on our mobile devices and see the cost of each project, all in real time. Our boring, outdated time consuming finance processes have all been redesigned with automatic electronic workflows. We have not needed to replace a key member in the Accounts team. Our invoices are authorised electronically, archived and available to view in almost any other application such as MS Excel.”

“Our finance team are motivated, more innovative and loving their redesigned roles. Our quantity surveyors are able to monitor job profitability and manage cost in real time and they never waste time looking for paperwork.”

“Instantaneous retrieval of documents and invoices is fantastic and we have gained more space from the reduction in office storage. It’s a win-win situation as far as we are concerned,”

“The team at B2 now provide all our IT infrastructure and printers. We now have a document management system that will grow to look after other parts of the business – health and safety, timesheets, payroll and plant hire to name but a few.” Paul concludes.