Getting the most of best in breed tech today whilst future proofing your IT stack for tomorrow.

Nick Hopkins is at the sharp end of working with customers everyday through the pandemic, particularly in relation to IT Services. He shares insights gained over recent weeks to help guide decisions around investing in the right IT stack at a time of uncertainty.

Often what we find when we are beginning the discovery phase of our engagements is a general overspend in certain specific areas at the expense of others. When we begin to interrogate the motivations behind this, we find that in 4/5 cases that this is to accommodate projected and regular periods of data intensive transactions throughout the year.

Ultimately what these leads to is overspend for significant periods of the time, often at the expense of other services which could have a significant impact on staff productivity and ultimately your customer experience.

Working with the right partners allows us to prepare, adapt and respond dynamically to resource needs. Firstly, we can performance engineer existing infrastructure to respond to specific requirements, firstly by deploying WAN-Optimisation we can procrastinate redundant and superfluous data from egressing and transiting through users’ networks in times of high demand.

Overlaying this with the correct Edge Service Platform, we can intelligently apply this in a targeted and deliberate manner. Secondly once we have tuned the existing infrastructure, our partners allow us to dial up services for shorter periods of time. In our legal practises and financial services base, this typically would be a requirement for greater upload speeds, and lower latencies, with voice traffic, and white listed destinations prioritised over services.  

Flexibility does not end with connectivity. By applying our design principles, we can ensure that infrastructure be it on premises, co-located or from a cloud service provider maintains that burst capability during periods of intensive demand. With intelligent services overlaid onto traditional infrastructure environments, we can reduce initial capital outlay. By providing hybridised capability additional resource and workload requirement can be facilitated by on demand cloud service ensuring that there is always sufficient availability of services. 

This dynamic structure is applicable to everything we look to do with our customers. Be it from unified communications to their security requirements, having an estate which moves with the tides is paramount in reducing technical debt, and enjoying best in practise technologies. This approach allows organisations to migrate easily from application to application and address the needs of the business today, while preparing for whatever the future may bring.  

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