Helping you work smarter from home

Remote working shouldn’t be a hassle or cost your business valuable time. B2 is well placed to help you keep productivity high and unnecessary distractions low with the right tech and support.

Home Office print

Your copy and print doesn’t need to be compromised when working from home. Benefit from service, functionality, quality and cost of consumables with our home office solutions.

You can benefit from professional user experience, device capability, and the ongoing support of our fantastic support team to deliver the right solution for you.

Whether the plan is to fully embrace home working with a seamless link to your existing workplace print infrastructure or just go for a short term fix, we can support you with the right tools to get the job done, whatever lies ahead.

Here’s an example of one of our devices, but get in touch to find out more.


Xerox C405

  • Powerful 1.05 GHz processor with 2GB of memory
  • Excellent output image quality
  • 5 inch touchscreen interface
  • Scan to email
  • Access to App gallery
  • Wifi, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print enabled
  • Optional mobility


Digital gets it done!

Our document management software, mstore, is already helping our customers work from home:

“Users have the ability to access their case files remotely without the need to physically be in the office.”

Read Gordons LLP case study here

“I can work from anywhere. If I’m out of the office I can access documents in mstore – even on the train on my way home. I don’t need to take paper out with me or contact the office if I need information. My time away from the office has been made much more productive.”

Read CBRE case study here

“It’s a much more efficient process now as it allows people to work more flexibly from home as they are still getting their post assigned to their case files when away from the office.”

Read Fletcher Longstaff case study here

Get started!

As ever, we start with you. So get in touch to share the challenges you have with your remote working, and we’ll sort the right solution and support that works for you.