With many firms receiving hundreds of incoming documents to manage daily, having an effective digital mailroom process is vital. Our powerful software, mstore, will help to streamline your firm, freeing up valuable time to focus on clients and improve revenues.

mstore enables mailroom automation by detecting and sorting all your case information as it enters the building, be it by post, email or fax and sends the documents straight to your case management system. Documents are read by the mstore system using OCR technology, twice validated and filed to the correct matter number, instantly notifying the fee earner. It enables batch searching by matter number or fee earner, taking the hassle out of searching for documents.

The security of information is also vital when digitising documents and processes. mstore improves visibility with authorised employees and ensures data remains compliant with appropriate governance requirements. Data is secure at all stages of the process, and retrieving information is straightforward and remains safe. Plus, mstore will retain documents for only as long as you are legally obliged to, automating the process of deleting, removing and shredding documents you no longer need to store.

Benefits of Mailroom automation

  • Organise and distribute post quickly, effectively and efficiently
  • Fee earners are instantly notified
  • Documents become searchable for greater visibility and access to information
  • A full audit trail is maintained on every document
  • Save time and costs through better processes
  • Remote access to documents, 24/7
  • Less paper to manage reduces security risks and increases resilience
  • Manual processes become automated and consistent, increasing productivity
  • Enables business continuity by aiding protection from fire, flood, theft or loss
  • Reduced workload surrounding audits and inspections