Are you Windows 10 ready?

The end of the Windows 7 and Server 2008 lifecycle is set for 14th January 2020, but this is nothing new. It presents the ideal opportunity to review your IT strategy, infrastructure, security and continuity planning. With the B2 team on side, embrace this opportunity without taking your eye off your other business priorities.

Microsoft have previously brought operating systems to End of Life, including Windows XP in 2014. Don’t worry though, things aren’t going to just stop working. However, it is important to note that Microsoft will no longer release critical security updates for Windows 7 and Server 2008 users after January. Malicious actors are always looking for software vulnerabilities to exploit and generally Microsoft are fixing them as quickly as they are discovered, but this will no longer be the case.

All devices have a working life and many Windows 7 devices will naturally be approaching this. The End of Life date presents numerous opportunities for your business to step back and consider your IT strategy and goals. It is a good chance to audit your cyber infrastructure, reflect on your business continuity and disaster recovery policies and finally rationalise your suppliers, potentially benefiting from economies of scale.

The change doesn’t necessarily mean you will require a new PC, as stockpiled and existing hardware is often Windows 10 compatible. If it isn’t, often an onsite update of machine hardware can bring this into line with Microsoft’s recommended specification.

Let B2 help

Migrating to Windows 10 doesn’t have to eat into valuable resource or time. We can build and migrate users seamlessly to a new Windows 10 machine with minimal disruption and can deploy in phases to accommodate budgets or departmental requirements. You’ll have a dedicated project engineer and account manager to lead your journey and an onsite engineer will be present during the roll-out. A breakdown of different methodologies and solutions will be presented, enabling you to make the best-informed decision. We will then develop a full project map and agree milestones with you.

Migrating servers from Windows 2008 can be just as painless. We recognise that no two server builds are the same, so we will ensure a senior project engineer will take the lead on your scope. We can undertake a full-service migration to new on-premise, hosted servers, IaaS and public cloud environments and will dispose of any old or redundant equipment for you, giving you one less thing to think about.

Contact us today on 0345 222 8282 or email info@b2.ltd to get started on protecting your IT security and become Windows 10 ready.